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Hideaway Solutions introduces STEP 180 – An integrated pull-out cabinet step stool.

Hideaway Solutions new STEP 180 Cabinet Step Stool is designed to provide a homeowner quick and easy accessibility for hard to reach upper cabinets and shelves as well as allowing children more opportunities to thrive in the kitchen. Complete kitchen access has never been this effortless with this retractable built-in step stool. Children can safely use kitchen and bathroom sinks and counter with ease. This integrated step stool delivers safe, convenient and fast access to the areas you use most, in the rooms you use most.

The Modern Kitchen

The STEP 180 Cabinet Step Stool provides a unique solution to some of the challenges that modern kitchen design poses to those of us who aren’t basketball players. Tall ceilings and cabinets that are built up right against them mean that there is a lot of kitchen space that is inaccessible to the average person.

The STEP 180 lets you reclaim this space by giving you an extra 15″ of height right where you need it, quickly and easily.


Step 180 Cabinet Step Stool

Hidden Cabinet Step Stool Step 180 Hideaway Solutions

STEP 180 Cabinet Step Stool Benefits:

  • Useful 2-way deployment – for up to 6 ft. reachable span for each STEP 180 location.
  • Strong but Thin – only 1 ½” wide.
  • Quick and easy to use- unfolds in seconds.
  • Instant access to 15 inches of height.
  • Integrated stable design with built-in railing.
  • Time saving design- there when you need it in seconds.
  • Stores out of the way in seconds.
  • Quickly access up to 50% more of your upper cabinet space.
  • Ergonomic and minimalist design.
  • Spring Assistance.


Kitchen Pull Out Step Stool

Regain use of hard to reach places– tall cabinets and above appliances

The STEP 180 was designed with the customer’s varied needs in mind. The adjustable depth allows the step stool to operate in front of a cabinet depth appliance. You will access the spaces above large kitchen appliances, like refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers with ease. Once the step stool is used the railing accommodates users with added stability. Additionally, a spring assist feature makes for effortless usability.

Hideaway Solutions For Children

  • STEP 180 is perfect for children.
  • Allows easy access to sink and counters.
  • Provides a safe place for the child to learn in the kitchen.
  • Encourage a child’s independence- hand washing and food preparation.
  • Built-in railing for added stability.
  • Stair-like steps with a larger top step platform.
  • Integrated child-lock.
















Step 180 Modern Step Stool Features

Designer Notes:

  • STEP 180 is designed to work with all standard and custom cabinets that are at least 34 ½” tall and 23 5/8″ deep.
  • A maximum reach distance of 3 feet on either deployed side of the step unit is recommended.
  • A maximum distance of 6 feet between two step units is recommended.
  • To maximize ease of upper cabinet access, the STEP 180 should be vertically aligned under where two upper cabinets join together
  • Upper or lower cabinets width may need to be taken into account for the extra 1½” width of the step unit.
  • When using STEP 180 in front of an appliance: Taking into account a typical 24″ deep cabinet box, the maximum depth of an appliance adjacent to the step unit is 28¼”. This depth allows the deployed step unit to swing clear of the appliance. Handles may be of a deeper depth, if they do not impede with the STEP 180’s deployed width of 16¼”.
  • When using the step unit directly adjacent to an appliance that is not in its own cabinet box (e.g. dishwasher) an end panel is required between the appliance and the step unit.


Hideaway Solutions Step 180 Installation

  • Can be installed with standard 34 1/2″ high cabinet with a 23 5/8″ or deeper depth.
  • Space saving design- 1½” is all that is needed between kitchen cabinets.
  • Adjustable depth for use in front of cabinet-depth appliances.
  • Simple Installation with Graphic Instruction Manual.

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